Faith, therefore, and not religion, must become the concern of Christian education.

Will Our Children Have Faith? Third Revised Edition (Kindle Locations 437-438). Church Publishing Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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1828   A viable paradigm or model for religious education needs to focus upon the radical nature of a Christian community where the tradition is faithfully transmitted through ritual and life, where persons as actors— thinking, feeling, willing, corporate selves— are nurtured and converted to radical faith, and where they are prepared and motivated for individual and corporate action in society on behalf of God’s coming community. - John H Westerhoff III
1888   Faith, therefore, and not religion, must become the concern of Christian education. - John H Westerhoff III
2614   Education correctly understood is not identical with schooling. It is an aspect of socialization involving all deliberate, systematic and sustained efforts to transmit or evolve knowledge, attitudes, values, behaviors, or sensibilities. The history of religious education, therefore, needs to include the family, public schools, community ethos, religious literature, and church life. - John H Westerhoff III
1258   Children are God's gift to aid us to mature would be well for us to rethink our understandings of children so that we might nurture and nourish our spiritual lives by doing more with them and becoming more like them. - John H Westerhoff III
1786   Rituals are repetitive, symbolic actions, in both words and deeds, that manifest and express a community's sacred story. These rituals, these symbolic actions, are the basis of the spiritual life. For this reason we must not eliminate our children from participating in our rituals of worship. If our rituals are not meaningful for our children, change the liturgy-do not send the children out. - John H Westerhoff III
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