Setswana wisdom

Country: South Africa
Date of Birth: Friday, 21 November, 2014
Category: Idioms & traditional sayings

Wisdom as expressed in proverbs is actually an additional educational system.

Quotes by Setswana wisdom

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Fish, accept the mud, for the fountain has dried up before your eyes - rely on and use the little that is still available to you because there is nothing else - this is often said to children whose parents have died. General
A child who does not cry, dies in the cradle - If you suffer in silence, you may die unnoticed; suffering in silence may lead to dying in silence. If you do not speak your mind, you cannot change the situation for the better. General
An orphan learns customs from the tribal ward - Good advice and valuable teachings can be picked up from the tribal ward (at informal community events). General
As I have mentioned, in my upbringing, and in the upbringing of my contemporaries, we were fed, guided, reprimanded, and moulded by our parents and elders through the language of proverbs. We received our formal education at school, but we received another education - through our constant exposure to proverbs General
Someone who does not care for other's children will have to care for her own one day - To receive support, you need to support other. General
Only cattle from the same kraal step on each other - You tend to hurt those closest to you. General
The heifer-seeker destines it for home. - Make sure that the good results of your efforts end up at home. "Charity begins at home" General
I pamper the one from the belly, from the back I destroy - You care for those who you were born with, those from your immediate family, but towards those you meet later in life, you feel no loyality General
At the coward's house, there is no weeping. - A family who is cautious and fearful is saved pain and weeping General
A child who does not heed the elder's warning will suffer the rapture of his or her eardrum. - Children who are disobedient will meet tragedy or misfortune. General